Saturday, April 11, 2020
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Making life difficult for Robertson

The Reserve Bank looks likely to make life more difficult for Finance Minister Grant Robertson today.

India says no but China says yes to NZ free trade deals

India early this morning  (NZ time) decided not to join the other 15 members of the Regional  Comprehensive Economic Partnership. 

Robertson and Ardern get good news on the economy

The New Zealand economy has just got a big tick from an international survey of competitiveness.

Jones gets a little help from his friends

Rarely have transport studies have been greeted with as much cynicism as the prosaically named Upper North Island Supply Chain Study which was released yesterday.

The dangers of big bank bonuses

An American banking has told the RBNZ that how bank executives are paid may play a much bigger role in defining bank stability.

Surprising factor causing business confidence fall

Auckland traffic congestion now trumps any other issue as a driver of the lack of business confidence in the city.

Less a policy more a pamphlet

National’s economic policy discussion published yesterday was not a big-thinking ideas programme for macro-economic reform. Finance spokesperson, Paul Goldsmith, has repackaged a long list of...

Twyford gets knocked back

Treasury yesterday released all the records of discussions between Minister and Treasury officials and Finance Minister, Grant Robertson leading up to this year’s Budget. What...

Why the PM was right and why Treasury has been wrong

Both the Prime Minister’s office and Treasury have now provided an explanation to the apparent confusion created by the Prime Minister’s response to questions...

Did the PM say too much

The Government came under more pressure last night from Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr to up its spending and particularly its debt targets. But the...