Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Trumping the US; China could join the CPTPP

As political and trade tensions with the United States rise, and its image as a global leader is tarnished by riots, China has indicated...

Dr Bloomfield to the rescue

New Zealand appears to have moved to reduce tension in the China-New Zealand relationship by calling on its Covid-19 hero, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, to...

NZ getting squeezed over Taiwan

New Zealand faces potential retaliation for its stance on Taiwan and the World Health Organisation whichever way it turns. The problem is that New Zealand...

Peters risks China’s ire with pro-US, pro-Taiwan policy

New Zealand has agreed to co-sign a United States letter calling for the admission of Taiwan to the World Health Organisation’s World Health Assembly...

China sends medical aid here

China is sending medical supplies to New Zealand to assist the country’s fight against the Covid-19 virus. And New...

China’s Ambassador pledges support for NZ: giving back with “precious jade”

The Chinese government has been in close cooperation with the New Zealand government to facilitate commercial cargo flights to transport loads of medical supplies to New Zealand.

UK Foreign Secretary in plea to Peters to help get stranded Brits home

British Foreign secretary Dominic Raab has phoned Foreign Minister Winton Peters making a plea for the New Zealand Government to enable possibly 6500 British...

Chinese whispers: what the Ambassador really meant

The Chinese Ambassador's media briefing on the coronavirus yesterday was an unusual enough event in itself, but buried within it were more than a...

Damning final verdict on McCully’s Saudi sheep deal

The CEOs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise have delivered a final nail in the coffin...

How Brexit could damage NZ

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s  (MFAT) top trade negotiator yesterday warned of the dangers that Brexit posed to the New Zealand economy. At...

Winning the trade war

A Government working group has come back with a report which more or less vindicates the original critics of the Trans...

Finally, after seven years, the RCEP trade agreement including India is close

Hopes are high in Bangkok today that after seven years, there will be agreement on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Ardern will test independent foreign policy at Bangkok summit

The cancellation of the APEC summit in Chile has now thrown the spotlight on the East Asia summit in Bangkok on Monday.

The real threat to the pacific

New Zealand will undoubtedly irritate its United States and Australian defence partners with a  new defence strategy for the Pacific to be...

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