Monday, October 26, 2020
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Sorry Roger; time to move on

ACT Leader David Seymour thinks it is time to move on past Roger Douglas’s original vision for the Reserve Bank.

Where National’s campaign went wrong

The National Party yesterday put on a show of unity with even former leader, Simon Bridges, endorsing Leader Judith Collins.

Heads on the block

National faces two potentially de-stabilising internal elections within the next four and a half weeks. First, up will be...

Labour has the power; National has problems

The sheer enormity of Labour’s landslide on Saturday offers the party the opportunity to reshape the political landscape for possibly the next...

Tomorrow: Jacinda rules

And so after ten stop-start weeks of campaigning under the shadow of Covid-19 the country heads tomorrow to one of the most...

Labour and who?

The Greens who are only teetering on the edge of getting back into Parliament last night implied their set of six policy...

Seymour says Ardern unlikely to bring in wealth tax

ACT leader David Seymour believes Jacinda Ardern is unlikely to implement a wealth tax. In saying that he directly...

Off to the middle of the road

The huge number of early votes means the two party leaders are fast running out of time to campaign.

National gets desperate

In an extraordinary move which smacks of desperation, National Leader Judith Collins continues to campaign against a Greens policy which Prime Minister...

Fighting for political relevancy

Jacinda Ardern’s popularity may have dropped in last night OneNews Colmar Brunton poll, but her Labour Party is now powering its way...

Coming to the aid of the party

The Taxpayers Union have come to the potential aid of the National Party and ACT with a perfectly legal way to increase...

While National reels, NZ First plays for time

National was reeling last night from a re-opening of the scars of the Bridges-Muller leadership change at the same time as a...

Not as easy as it looks

The way Judith Collins tells it, National’s  Resouce Management Act policy is simple; the Act will go and what will follow will...

Exuberant reception for Ross and Te Kahika in Tauranga

Over 300 people packed into a Tauranga conference room last night to hear Jami-Lee Ross and Billy Te Kahika call for an...

Nat MP battling for survival

Since MMP began in 1996 Nelson has voted on the party vote for the Government for whoever it might have been.

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