Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment spends over $13 million on contractors

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment spent over $13 million with just two employment agencies hiring contracting staff in the 2013/14 year.

The information was produced before the Commerce Select Committee in Parliament last week.

It shows MBIE spent $3.36 million with Beyond recruitment and another $9.7 million with Manpower Group on contracting staff.

Most of the staff provided by the two companies were in IT but there were millions more spent with individuals and other consultancies covering staff contracted to do a wide range of jobs inside the mega-agency.

MBIE’s post election briefing to the Minister last year said the Ministry employed 3360 people — but 1440 were employed by its Immigration Department which leaves 1920 to cover the policy and other aspects of its work.

Even working on conservative salary estimates it is likely that at least another 10% have been employed as contractors.