Health Minister David Clark is in trouble again. having already confessed to being an “idiot” for earlier decisions during the Level Four lockdown to go mountain biking and take his family to the beach. 

Newshub reported last night that he had also moved house during the lockdown.

He has purchased a new house (pictured above) in Signal Hill Road, Dunedin, just 700 metres further up the hill from his old house.


Clark issued a statement last night in response to the Newshub item.

“I moved house, using the services of a moving company, on the Wednesday immediately before the Level Four lockdown began. My new house is just up the road from my old one,” it said. “During lockdown I used my old house as my office and occasionally walked the odd item or box back with me, as is within the rules.”

Then came a statement from a spokesperson for the Prime Minister:”A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said based on what the Health Minister has advised her he moved house prior to lockdown, and based on his description of events, had not breached the rules of lockdown.”

The repeated “based on what the Health Minister advised her” and “based on his description of events” would seem to suggest the Prime Minister is not entirely convinced that what he said happened is exactly what did happen. But then, he has form.